1. Workout
  2. Stay connected
  3. Focus on Basketball IQ
  4. Take time for yourself
  5. Be goal-oriented
  1. Workout

This goes without saying, to be the best you have to train even better than the best, regardless of resources. There are drills, workouts and conditioning you can do at your own home, stay on it. If you need guidance reach out to Coach A, PDM is always here to guide you and provide knowledge.

Working out is also a stress reliever. Staying motivated during quarantine can be difficult but remembering you will train again and be back on the court is key. You need to develop the mentality that even when you’re not in season your mind and body remains in the game.



2. Stay Connected

Maintain the relationships with your teammates and coaches, this will help you keep your head in the game and keep you motivated when you’re in the off season. We spend hours a day on social media, use it for good by searching workouts, connecting with your teammates and take part in the challenges on the PDM page to test yourself. Even if you don’t submit answers or videos, stay engaged as possible because the work you put in now no matter how small it may feel will make a difference when we’re back.

3. Focus on Basketball IQ

Basketball IQ is something you can practice anywhere, anytime and will keep you busy during quarantine. Reviewing film, training your mind and eyes to notice details in the game during this time will help drive your success on the court. For more on how to develop your Basketball IQ read https://pdmbasketball.com/reading-the-game-and-how-to-be-a-student-of-the-game/ .

  1. Take time for yourself

This seems obvious, but you’re young and at the age when you always want to see your friends, be on social media and constantly doing things. Sometimes taking time to rest your body and mind whatever that may mean for you, is important. Having a clear mind is key to success when you get back on the court and it’s key to developing your skills now. Watching a movie, working out, reading, anything that provides you “down time” will help you recharge. It will also help you stay focused and prevent digital burnout in a time where we’re spending most of our time on screens.


  1. Be goal-oriented

We’ve said it before and will say it again. Setting goals and working towards them is key to achieving them. Envisioning who you want to be, how you want to play the game and the skills you want to develop will help you break down the steps to get there and achieve those very goals. Also remember to set personal goals, because the character you build outside of basketball will help define you as a player on the court.


As always you need any help or guidance, send a line.