Purpose Driven Mentality

Academy Overview

The program is designed to give a select group of players who aspire to reach higher levels in basketball an opportunity to learn the game at the professional level. With the evolution of the game it is important to teach players to understand where their value comes from and how to always keep it on display. Some main teaching concepts of the program include offensive, defensive and floor spacing principles. The goal of the program is to help players expand their basketball minds and increase their basketball I.Q., as it is a vital part of being successful. Executing fundamentals of the game and doing simple things well on the court can go a long way in creating a well-rounded player.

Players will be instructed on court as well as in film sessions to help them understand correct and incorrect in-game decisions. Furthermore these in-game decisions will be looked at in-depth to teach players the game principles that led up to the outcome. There will be heavy emphasis on helping players understand how to make reads and play within the flow and rhythm of the game. Players a part of this program will be receiving professional team and player development training that exists at the highest level in this sport.


 15 players maximum.

 10 week duration (1x per week, 2 hours).

 Film Sessions/Reviews/Chalk Talks (Game Concepts).

 Teaching Scouting Reports, Shot Selection, Advanced Principles.

 Floor Spacing Guides.

 Controlled & Situational progressions.

 Game situation breakdown drills.


 Transition game teaching.

 YouTube channel for players to have remote access to content.

 Academy Testing.


 Open Tryout


Players selected will learn the game the way it’s currently being taught at the highest level. Considering basketball is constantly evolving, it’s important to stay up to date and continuously participate in the learning process. 

The academy curriculum is designed to increase player’s basketball IQ as well as expand their basketball knowledge and understanding of the game through learning how the fundamentals are used at the highest level.

Progressions on a weekly basis will teach players how to make the correct in-game reads based on their skill sets. This will enable players to self-identify and understand what they can do to highlight key aspects of their position.

This academy gives players aspiring to reach higher levels in basketball a head start to experiencing what the environment would be like such as similar practice structure, chalk talks and film settings.