Being a student athlete can be difficult we’ve been there. Trying to be best on the court and grow our skills while keeping up with assignments, staying on top of school, for some getting that scholarship all while trying to have somewhat of a social life. Here’s some news…it never gets any easier. But it does become easier to manage so here’s some tips, that we at PDM as former student athletes ourselves have learned over the years, that helped us through high school, college, and into the pros in managing all aspects of our life and doing it the best we could.

  • Remain organized: set a calendar, know when assignments/ homework are due, when practice or workouts are, work and any other commitments. Being able to visually see your schedules helps you stay on top of it and form a routine.
  • Prioritize:When things get overwhelming tackle the most important tasks first.
  • Time management: We’re sure you’ve heard this time and time again, but time management is really a skill you develop when you’re young and makes the difference as you get older and take on more responsibilities. Being able to manage your time and commitments is vital to success. Showing up is half the battle, so being proficient with how you use your time allows you to manage the gaps in your schedule, set more workouts, have down time, this will make a huge  difference in your futures.
  • Minimize wasted time: Productivity sets you apart.
  • Sports are an outlet from school: At the end of the day you play sports because you enjoy it, remember its also considered YOUR time. Use it as an outlet from school, work and any other stressors in you life. Have fun in all extra curriculars it’ll help you have a positive mindset which will translate onto the court.
  • Focus: Be present at practice, be present at school. This isn’t always easy but training your mind now to stay focused is what sets you apart as an athlete.
  • Be proactive about successes and failures: Celebrate your successes, don’t dwell on your failures and learn from them in all aspects of your life. Don’t let your failures get you down, take them as a learning experience.
  • Set goals: Setting goals and working towards them helps you see your own progress and achievement; this will help drive your growth and a student and athlete. If you ever need help goal setting, we’re here to support your successes.
  • Keep each other accountable: A team goes beyond the court, keep each other accountable and motivate one another’s success,
  • Find motivators: What drives you? Find whatever motivates you and use that in your daily life.
  • Set social and personal time: It’s important to set time aside for yourself and friends. Be constructive with your personal and social time, take it as a mental break and account for this time in your schedule so it doesn’t take away from your other priorities, but you can look forward to it.

There is no formula for managing both school and athletics, but having been there, going collegiate and pro, we at PDM know some of the tactics that work. You’re already a dedicated young athlete if you’re part of PDM, but we know it can be difficult and are here to support your growth and development. With everything going on in the world, right now more than ever is time we can use for personal development and building these skills and a Purpose Driven Mentality.