PDMentality is about building a purposeful “mentality” that starts within and is built through each practice, class and habitual repetition. A mentality is a mind-set or attitude. In building your mentality internally it will allow you to overcome the obstacles internally and externally of basketball, at school and throughout all aspects of your life.

When you look at some of the top basketball players in the world, they have all exhibited the skill of developing and shaping a mentality that drives them through the game and throughout their life. This what makes them stand out, and has pushed them to become the players they are today. It took dedication to themselves and practice, dedication being a key component of building a mentality. A mentality doesn’t only have to be formed in basketball, it can come from other aspects of your life and build towards shaping your overall mindset. These skills become transferable throughout the other aspects of you life and future goals once you begin shaping a healthy mentality.

Being deliberate in your approach on the court and in life, allows less space for uncertainty or anxiety when you face uncertainty both on and off the court. You won’t necessarily make every shot, but building a positive and dedicated mentality will allow you to be resilient and positive about it and drive you to work harder.

Purpose Driven Mentality is about shaping a healthy mentality, finding your value as a person and player, then utilizing that purposeful mentality to succeed in life and show that value.

Key ways to Build a Successful Mentality:

  1. Dedication
  2. Goal setting- both short term and long term
  3. Positive mindset through obstacles
  4. Staying self-motivated
  5. Habitual repetition
  6. Working through setbacks in a healthy way
  7. Accepting constructive criticism and building on character