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Program Overview

The PDM Basketball Academy is designed to give a select group of players who aspire to reach higher levels in basketball an opportunity to learn the game at the professional level. With the evolution of the game it is important to teach players to understand where their value comes from and how to always keep it on display. The goal of the program is to help players expand their basketball minds and increase their basketball I.Q., as it is a vital part of being successful. Executing fundamentals of the game and doing simple things well on court can go a long way in creating a well-rounded player that understands correct vs. incorrect in-game decisions. Furthermore these in-game decisions will be looked at in-depth to teach players the game principles that led up to the outcome. There will be heavy emphasis on helping players understand how to make reads and play within the flow and rhythm of the game. Players a part of this program will be receiving professional team and player development training that exists at the highest level in this sport.

The Academy is split up into two components, In-Season Academy Training and the Off-Season Player Development Program. The Academy is designed to compliment players during their seasons with specific individual player development which can be lost during the course of a season as it is not the emphasis during team practices. Some players play games all year long so it is especially important to make designated time for individual skill development.

Helping young aspiring players become deliberate and consistent in their own skill development year round is what the Academy accomplishes.  



Kings Court Sladeview (4190 Sladeview Crescent, Unit 3, Mississauga, ON, L5L 0A1)
Junior Academy: GRADE 4-7
Senior Academy: Grade 8-12
AGES: 10-17 years
DAYS: Thursdays
TIME: Juniors 6PM-7:30PM
Seniors 6:30PM - 8PM
START DATE: 2024-04-04
END DATE: 2024-04-25

Training Cost

$ 275


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Program Includes:



By the end of the program players will:

Our mission

Welcome to PDM Basketball, where healthy growth & development are at the forefront of what we do.


Individual Skill FocusAllNone
Team System FocusNoneAll
Shooting RepetitionsMaximizedMinimal
Ball TouchesMaximizedMinimal
Hours Spent TravellingVery FewA lot
Money Spent on Travel ExpensesNone/Very Little$$$$ (A lot→ food, gas, hotels, any other associated expenses)
Overall Individual DevelopmentPriorityNon-priority (AAU is a showcase for those already with their skills developed to a high enough level)
Time Spent on Bench/Not Playing MinutesNot Applicable/Not a factorVariable- Could be a lot of the season
Total Hours Spent on Individual DevelopmentMaximal (program + individual workouts)Minimal
Total Hours Spent on GameplayMinimalA lot
Overall Player Confidence LevelWill IncreaseCould Increase or Decrease depending on success of team and if individual played minutes or sat on bench majority of the season.