At PDM in addition to basketball skill sets we teach athletes how to read the game and increase their “Basketball IQ”. It’s the idea of setting yourself and teammates up for success in a game.

Instincts are inherent and more of a feeling where as IQ is having a good knowledge of the game and playing smart. Building basketball IQ off court will help shape natural instincts on the court. IQ is understanding playing styles of your opponents and your own teammates and their strengths and weaknesses’ as well as your own.  In knowing and understanding how each of your teammates play, this decreases room for error during any given play because you can better predict outcomes. The stronger your Basketball IQ is, the more you can expect a given outcome every time you make a decision in a game.

Important things to note to develop basketball IQ:

  • Identifying how to counter what an offensive or defence does
  • Identifying a counter move to what your opponent is doing quickly
  • Taking players strengths, knowing when to pass the ball, positioning yourself properly on the court
  • Being able to anticipate your opponents and teammates next moves
  • Being proactive in a game through positioning and movement
  • Knowing your angles