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PDM Basketball Training

Program Overview

The PDM Basketball Youngstars program serves as an introduction for young athletes to become familiar with the fundamental skills and concepts of the sport. During these sessions young athletes will learn the basic movements and general athletic skills of basketball through fun social individual and group activities. This program is for those at the introductory stage of athletic development and physical literacy or for those who are interested in learning the basic sport specific skills in later stages of athletic development. This program provides youth an entry level platform to actively participate and learn sports in a well structured environment conducive to developing general life skills as well as an excitement for sports and physical activities


Youngstars 1 (Sunday's)

Youngstars 2 (Monday's)

Location: Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre (2302 Bridge Road, Oakville, ON, L6L 3L5)

Ages: 5-10 years

Time: 1:30-2:30PM

Dates: April 14 – May 26, 2024

Exclusion Dates: None

Cost: $250

Location: Maple Grove Public School  (288 Maple Grove Dr, Oakville, ON, L6J 4V5)

Ages: 5-10 years

Time: 6-7PM

Dates: March 18 – May 27, 2024

Exclusion Dates: April 1, April 8, April 29 & May 20, 2024

Cost: $250

YOungstars TEAm - Gravity Hoops League

The PDM Basketball Youngstars Team is a Co-Ed Team and will play weekly games in the Gravity Hoops League Youngstars Division. This league will be an introduction to live gameplay for the young athletes interested in learning how to play. There is a little emphasis on the rules and regulations in this league as most importantly FUN is the number one priority. There will be a 15 minute warm-up/skill development period to start each weekly session and then there will be a live game played with a referee as well as score clock. The game will consist of 2 x 20 minute halves with a brief halftime in between and the rules will be Fairplay for all participants. By participating in the league, players will start to gain the experience of feeling like they are a part of a team. This league is most suitable for those players who do the Youngstars program regularly working on their skills and are now looking to take those skills to the test in gameplay. 

GRAVITY HOOPS League Details

Location: B-Town Courts (3485 North Service Road, Burlington, ON, L7N 3G2)

Ages: 5-10 years

Time: 10-11AM (Saturday’s) or 6-7PM (Thursday’s)

Dates: May 4 – June 27, 2024 (Saturday’s or Thursday’s)

Exclusion Dates: None

Cost: $280


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